Bit Mad is born! Over the past 48 hours, I’ve acquired a domain name and hosting package, sorted the SSL cert and had a quick look at Jekyll to generate a static website.

I currently have Jekyll running inside Docker. I feed it my markdown files and it spits out the generated web content. Lovely

I will be writing a short guide on this process shortly. Mainly so that I have something to refer back to myself.

The fact that you are now reading this means that I successfully uploaded the site content to my web host and the site is working.


Next steps: -

  • Set up email. - Done
  • Learn more about Jekyll and see if I can make something that doesn’t make people want to pull their eyes out (I’m not a web designer).
  • Implement some automation to the web updating process so that I have fewer manual steps to perform. (I’m not lazy, I strive for efficiency haha)
  • Write some content for the site (If I don’t build it, they won’t come).

Edit: I’m not a fan of Jekyll right now. I’m obviously doing something wrong because my posts aren’t displaying on the index page.

I am an idiot. I had the wrong website folder open in VS Code so my edits were doing nothing……

I have also discovered that I don’t need to keep restarting the Jekyll container, it updates the pages as I make the changes. I just have to refresh the browser window…….. which is handy because I was restarting the instance constantly. It’s probably written in the documentation that I neglected to read.