I’m planning several articles revolving around retro computers and consoles so thought it prudent to start collecting some rom files. While searching The Internet Archive for TOSEC collections, I came across something called TOSEC-PIX. Having not really downloaded romsets since the 00s, I had no idea what these were. The TOSEC website cleared it up for me

The project is split into three distinct ‘branches’:

TOSEC, or sometimes for clarity referred to as ‘TOSEC (main)’, is the original main branch of the project. It catalogs all the non-optical disc >based systems and remains the bulk of the TOSEC database.

TOSEC-ISO is a separate ancillary branch and includes optical disc based systems. This branch contains both optical disc based images (such as >DVD, CD and GD based images) as well as the firmware for these disc based systems.

TOSEC-PIX is the second separate ancillary branch and includes computing and gaming resources such as scans of software and hardware manuals, >magazine scans, computing catalogs, and videos.

That really piqued my interest.

I’ve always been a massive retro nerd and while I love gaming (then and now), I’m drawn more towards the computers and their non-gaming uses. I imagine that the information above isn’t new to many readers (if there even are any) but felt it worth mentioning here anyway.

So now as well as pretty much any game / application I could think of for any given system, I can now bulk download a bucket load of literature and other goodies for them too!

It’s enough to drive you a bit mad! (sorry)

I expect that once I recover from being overwhelmed, the pen and paper will come out and there will be ideas flying around willy nilly. (Yes, I still use pen and paper, in fact, I prefer to use pencil and paper like the 1980s British school child I was)

Hmm, the first thing to do is ensure I have enough storage available.

Stay tuned for retro articles incoming!