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Some of my thoughts, ideas and projects thrown onto the web in the hope that someone can make use of something here.

Mainly covering retro computing / electronics / computer stuff but there will no doubt be the odd random subject thrown in.

This site is still in development but will slowly evolve into something great else, hopefully for the better. You may notice (if you return) that some articles change over time.

I often use the mantra "make it work first, make it pretty later". I apply this principle to this website too. I work in such a way that if I were to ensure that I was fully satisfied with an article before publishing, then nothing would ever get published. This also explains the rather generic look of the website. I'd rather have something that works and looks pleasant than something that looks breathtaking but hardly works.

All of the website files will soon be available on Github publicly so those interested can see how things progress and gain an insight into the inner workings of a mad mind.